The 1 Million Bitcoin Manhunt Continues – Was Satoshi Nakamoto from London?

The 1 Million Bitcoin Manhunt Continues – Was Satoshi Nakamoto from London?

Tea time for Bitcoin? – More than 12 years after the publication of the original white paper of the Bitcoin network, the mystery remains around its creator, only known under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto . However, new clues introduce the hypothesis that the inventor of Bitcoin resided in England.

The London track closely scrutinized

According to Doncho Karaivanov , who publishes his analysis in The Chain Bulletin , London is the most likely place where Satoshi Nakamoto worked on the Bitcoin (BTC) project between the years 2008 and 2010.

Before claiming that the creator of Bitcoin lived in the capital of the United Kingdom, the author first analyzed 3 of his communication elements :

The compilation of all these activities, below, allows us to see the periods of work favored by Satoshi. Unfortunately, this first methodology does not – in any case, not on its own – to say with certainty that Satoshi was London at the time of the creation of Bitcoin.

These time slots allow, on the other hand, to exclude the hypothesis of a Japanese or Australian Satoshi ( cuckoo, Craig Wright! ) … unless the inventor of Bitcoin is „a vampire“ who only liked to work. in the middle of the night , past midnight, to use the words of our investigator.

The genesis block , the key to the mystery of Nakamoto?

Doncho Karaivanov, on the other hand, fleshed out this British location of Satoshi with the famous extract from The Times newspaper , included in the very first block – the genesis block – of the Bitcoin blockchain, on January 3, 2009 .

According to the analyst, only the English print edition of The Times included the headline that was included at the start of Bitcoin (opposite), as a critique of the economic system and the 2008 financial crisis .

Indeed, the online edition of The Times included the name of the British Chancellor (Alistair Darling) additionally in the title. The American edition , on the other hand, did not have this (Anglo-centered) story on its main page.

Another very British clue , according to Doncho Karaivanov: Satoshi’s spelling preferences . Indeed, the latter has always favored the endings of words in „-ise“ and „our“ , rather than the more American endings in „-ize“ and „-or“ . This example of English words he used seems to prove it: „organize, analyze, neighbor, color“ . The use of the word “bloody” would also be very British.