After a coup with Bitcoin and prison in Paraguay, Ronaldinho Gaucho declares that he will invest in music and drink

After a coup with Bitcoin and prison in Paraguay, Ronaldinho Gaucho declares that he will invest in music and drink

While Ronaldinho Gaúcho sings samba and invests in booze, 18k investors Ronaldinho bitterly lose the loss and lose hope of one day receiving something

After linking his name to two companies accused of hitting with Bitcoin and cryptomoedas, Ronaldinho 18k and LBLV, and being arrested in Paraguay for carrying a fake passport, former world soccer star Ronaldinho Gaucho declared that he will now invest in music.

Thus, Ronaldinho announced that he is developing a studio and a recording company in Belo Horizonte.

The business will be called ‚Tropa do Bruxo‘, in reference to one of his main nicknames.

However, the former player declared that he will invest in his own career as a musician and would have already started to produce his first Rap with the participation of the collective Recayd Mob.

When he was imprisoned in Paraguay, Ronaldinho revealed that he composed 3 sambas together with the sambista Salgadinho.

„Create courage, come live with me. Let go of the things that do you harm. I’m waiting for you there in my backyard. Put my last name in your register. Change CEP, electoral zone. I’m waiting for you in my backyard,“ said one of the lyrics that would have been composed for the star’s ex-wife, Priscila.

In addition, Ronaldinho also pointed out that another venture in which he will invest is the production of a Gin brand that will carry his name.


While Ronaldinho ‚renews‘ his investments, sings samba, rap and ‚cries‘ for loosing his women the investors of the companies accused of financial pyramid and which were promoted by Ronaldinho are bitter and cry the money that they will never receive.

In the case of 18k, which promised guaranteed incomes with supposed „trading and arbitration“ activities with Bitcoins, there are several lawsuits on the justice asking for the restitution of values.

Both Ronaldinho and the other organizers of 18k were called by the Chamber of Deputies to explain the situation of the company last year. However, investors still have no hope of receiving their investments.

Ronaldinho’s conduct at the head of 18k has also been analyzed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office

In the case of LBLV that claimed to perform operations with Bitcoin in the Forex market hundreds of Brazilian clients were affected by the company and are not receiving their values.

In one of the cases, Ronaldinho became a defendant in a collective action against the company and, in case he is convicted, he will have to reimburse all the clients‘ values.

In addition, the star also became involved in two ICO cryptomoedas projects, Ronaldinho Soccer Coin and Champion Coin, however, both projects did not comply and were discontinued.

Love Estelionato

Who also decided to venture into music after being accused of using Bitcoin and Cryptomoedas was Danilo Santana, who now goes by Dubaino’s stage name, and released a song called „Estelionato de Amor“.

In the song Dubaino tells the story of a passion for a woman who, after the relationship, would have left her partner. The song should compose the album „Sofrência em Dubai“.

„It was love larceny; you came into my mind and caught me. And look at the price my heart paid for your false truth“.

But the irony of the situation is that the musician Dubaino is accused precisely of this dishonor, among other crimes and lives in Dubai, a fugitive from Brazilian justice.